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You don't know how to start your project ... you want to help other people know your tool or language. Use Moldy! the best helper to start your project

Moldy was created thanks to the need to have a structure to start any project for example: You want to create a CLI in Python for that most of the CLI have their own structures but Moldy wants to standardize that and also advertise to new languages ​​with project templates and of new languages.

Moldy alludes to the word "Mold in Spanish" because its objective is to create project templates (and rush a create-react-app sshh don't tell anyone) and we add a "Y" to make this name more familiar. it was my own the name was created by a friend who prefers to be anonymous.

Moldy is designed for people with a minimum knowledge of CLI, therefore its use and commands are the simplest and most complete, in case a documentation is needed, it is in the process of being created when the documentation is ready I will place the link here in the in case you want to help with the documentation it is intended to be done with hugo and this topic link here any contribution is welcome

A simple but powerful tool without thousands of commands but in case you need them to develop a template you can read the devs part in the future documentation, in the future it is planned to create a GUI for Moldy in case you want to help with that you can enter the discord link in which they will talk about mold and the new features


This is the guide for install moldy for all platforms and build of source you can see here if this not work make a issue in the CLI repository


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The Moldy Project is 100% Open Source if you want help in the CLI you can follow this steps, for more information you can go to the discord server:

  1. Install Golang
  2. Install Git
  3. Give me a star ⭐️
  4. Make a Fork
  5. Clone the repository using git
  6. git clone
  7. Install the dependencies with:
  8. go mod tidy
  9. Run the CLI with:
  10. go run main.go --help
  11. Make a new branch:
  12. git branch -M new-feat
  13. Commit your changes with the guide CONVENTIONAL COMMITS.
  14. Make a pull request describing the new feature and if pass the tests we accept your pull request or if not pass, will explain why.


The moldy community is in Twitter, Discord and GitHub you can go to this bellow and if you have any question you can make in the social networks

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